Why should you buy a dog from a breeder who shows?
In their beginning, dog competitions were held by a bunch of men who had great pride in the work their dogs performed. The breeds were delineated by their function, whether it be ridding the farm of vermin and rodents, sitting on the lap purely as a companion, retrieving birds to feed the family, moving the livestock from field to field, driving the stock to market, pulling a cart to town, or guarding the property from poachers and predators. Breeds were formed by the function they served for humans.

Dogs shows were started to compare the dogs and select the best examples to breed in order to improve and perfect the tasks the dogs accomplished. Breeding stock was based on the potential of those animals to do their job. The best workers, who performed the job they were designed for, were the most sought after to pass on their DNA. Hence, we apply the adage “form follows function”. The form of the animal was designed to support the function the animal was needed to do.

Over the many years that purebred animals were developed, excellence also included health and longevity, suitable temperament and structural soundness which ensured the animal’s resilience and resistance to breaking down.

The little known secret to the average pet buyer is that their insurance plan for an example of excellence in breed characteristics and long term health rests in the dedication of the breeder to their stewardship of their chosen breed. A better bred dog comes from a serious and dedicated breeder who proves the excellence of their breeding stock against other quality animals being measured by experts on judging the breed. They will generally possess better DNA. Better DNA translates into better overall mental and physical health and classic breed characteristics.
Someone breeding mixes and mongrels without a specific breed blueprint (official breed standard) to guide them and govern their ethics and practices, is breeding without purpose except the purpose of profit.